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Alex Jones – 2015-Feb-16, Monday

On this Monday, February 16 edition of the Alex Jones Show, David Knight covers the cult of personality surrounding President Obama and the destruction of America’s rule of law. Obama supporters pushed the #ILoveObama hashtag on Twitter yesterday, but many pointed out the idolatry is more characteristic of a cult than political activism. David also explains how the Keystone XL pipeline will cause many Americans to lose their properties to a private, Canadian corporation even though eminent domain is meant to redevelop land for public use only. On today’s show, radio host Joyce Riley of the Power Hour covers the latest news developments and how government officials have routinely buried the real causes behind public health crises, including the infamous Gulf War Syndrome. You don’t want to miss today’s broadcast!
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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2015-Feb-16, Monday”

  1. hey dave new word,shuddies, lololol show me the studies,btw just got in here, i hope this controls the bs comments for a while,you tube is getting rough, any way as an intro ,i kinda lived what you guys scream about,personal taste you might say,till i put it all together.nuke welder military oil vegas,

  2. o yea as for donations to the cause,i dont believe my freedom can be bought,i think money is worthless,it takes foot work mouth work and just plain old street smarts to change this,i would like to ask for any thing you might have that i might spread the word with,hard copy in your face stuff,

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