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Alex Jones – 2015-May-29, Friday

On the Friday, May 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, the US Justice Department indicts former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert on federal charges. Also, a lobbyist who worked for the company that built TSA’s naked body scanners is now working in the government department responsible for TSA spending. And why does Obama hate Jesus? … Read more Alex Jones – 2015-May-29, Friday

Alex Jones – 2015-May-28, Thursday

On this Thursday, May 28 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we examine the federal power grabs happening all around us that most people are clueless about. A video shows that some Americans think the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the secret trade agreement designed to destroy the American economy, is a brand of toilet paper. Also, emergency … Read more Alex Jones – 2015-May-28, Thursday

Alex Jones – 2015-May-27, Wednesday

On the Wednesday, May 27 edition of the Alex Jones Show, an economist alleges members of the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank are conducting a ‘secret meeting to end cash’ And new NSA smartphones will be able to detect your handwriting by monitoring your finger swipes. On today’s show, financial expert, author and founder … Read more Alex Jones – 2015-May-27, Wednesday