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Alex Jones – 2015-Jun-24, Wednesday

On the Wednesday, June 24 edition, racial madness descends on America, as some call for the abolition of certain flags, and others call for repeal of the Second Amendment following last week’s mass shooting. Several historical statues in various parts of the country were defaced yesterday in the name of “Black Lives Matter,” while a CNN host suggests all Thomas Jefferson statues should be removed. Economist and nationally syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts joins the show today to discuss Greece’s possible credit default and its implications. Also today, Youtube blogger and social commentator Lauren Southern breaks down why she rejects modern feminism and how it actually disempowers women. We’ll also take your calls on today’s show.
[mp3-jplayer width=”50%” height=”80px” dload=”y” captions=”Download or Click Play Button to Listen” tracks=”http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/nfowars/hZdr/~3/VlTeqPRYpOs/20150624_Wed_Alex.mp3″]

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