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Alex Jones – 2015-Aug-16, Sunday

On the Sunday, August 16 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, the Hillary campaign team grows more nervous, as an FBI criminal probe reveals at least 60 emails on the former secretary of state’s private server contained highly classified information. We also look at the volcanoes in Japan and Ecuador, and Donald Trump doubles down on his anti-illegal immigration rhetoric. On today’s show, we also break down calls to impeach House Speaker John Boehner, and the Spokane sheriff’s response to Infowars’ article which exposed his attempt to link constitutionalists to ISIS. We’ll also take your calls on this live transmission.
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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2015-Aug-16, Sunday”

  1. DAVID DUKE INTERVIEW – AUG 18 2015 – I am deeply concerned that irreparable damage may have been done to your show in terms of the ideals and goals of your work . I am also concerned that a great wound that has been inflicted on the hearts and minds of your listeners. It is evident that you severely underestimated your guest, David Duke, and rather than confronting his ideas and challenging his views, you essentially gave him a larger platform to advance his hate and agenda.
    If you had truly done your homework on your guest you would have realized the extent to which he was versed in double speak and that he has had years of experience in perfecting an approach that contorts information and ideas to target Jews. He also skillfully identified himself as a Christian so as to appear as though he has much in common with your listeners, almost like an angel of light. Your co-host tried desperately to counter the weight of this man’s arguments but even so the damage was already done.
    Yet, you can still turn the tables on him. You need another guest! One who will be able to respond to every fact and accusation of this man with clarity, insight, and knowledge. Please don’t delay! Search far and wide call every contact that you have. The guest must be either Christian (from the none liberal or replacement theology branch) or Jew (an export in history ideally). I would encourage you to take excerpts from the interview with David Dukes and analyses it pointing out all the flaws in his position and his true motives. Ideas have consequences and there is something extremely painful about this episode that simply cannot be ignored or go unanswered. If you cannot find a reliable guess, then you and your team must do the research and provide adequate responses to the accusations of David Duke.
    Please act.

    In terms of Christians here are several ministries that might be able to help:
    Dr. Jim Eckman from Issues in Perspective would be a great choice: https://graceuniversity.edu/iip/author/admin/
    Brannon Howse – From worldview weekend might be able to refer someone. Jimmy DeYoung or Chris Pinto are potential contacts as well http://www.worldviewweekend.com/radio
    Albert Molher is also a great resource

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