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Alex Jones – 2016-Apr-10, Sunday

On this Sunday, April 10th 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we examine recent comments from FBI Director James Comey in which he admitted to covering his personal laptop webcam to avoid surveillance while simultaneously demanding companies create technology with government backdoors. The presidential race and the media’s desperate attempt to derail Donald Trump by publishing front page satire depicting a disastrous Trump presidency will be discussed as we also break down a recent “Black Power” event at a Portland college that kicked out white participants who refused to believe that Donald Trump is racist. We’ll also take your calls on today’s worldwide broadcast.
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1 thought on “Alex Jones – 2016-Apr-10, Sunday”

  1. Nancy L Summers

    I am tired of being lied to & I know that millions of US citizens feel the same I have looked at everything that I seen before in my lifetime concerning our US government system. I am literally sick of what I see coming for not only my age group, ( I am 55) but for all of our Children, GrandChildren, & those beyond,, if there is a beyond for the United States of America. I never thought that Government was a boring subject in school due to the fact that I had GrandParents, Parents, & other Family members who went through, & suffered from the Great Depression. I have studied our Country’s history from it’s beginning, while I studied in school, as well as throughout my adulthood. I understand why Our US Constitution for created & I understand why so many Politicians would like to totally discard it & that could be a likely possibility if We The People stand idly by to allow it . I am not Racist against People, I was not raised that way, I do not believe in Racism against People. I am Racist against Terrorists, Criminal Politicians, Communism, Socialism, & “ILLEGAL Immigration”. I am Racist against anyone who wants to Kill our US Citizens & those who Do Not Want To Let Our Individual Votes Be Counted when We The People Cast Our Votes For Our Presidential Nominees, & the Final Presidential Elections For what our US Government was founded upon, I am beginning to loose hope in the way that our Country is being run, by money from Lobbyists lining the pockets & purses of those already in office & those running to become our next President.of Our United States President. I truly wish that all Presidential Nominees had to fund their own campaigns. It is a damned shame as to what is actually happening in our Government System & we turn our heads, ignoring what is really happening here. I pray everyday that we do not wake up years later to see that we are damned Nation for our ignorance of our current situation & avoidance of not becoming knowingly active concerning what is happening now. How can they cancel Political Caucuses or Steal the Popular Votes of We The People to give the Votes to Presidential Nominees that We did not choose? It is happening now. Can anyone answer to me, to the US Citizens, how can this happen here in the USA?

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