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Alex Jones – 2016-May-10, Tuesday

On this Tuesday, May 10 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover rock star Billy Corgan’s revelations about threats to free speech, media manipulation, cult programming and more. We also cover a safe space cry-baby upset by the term “Americans,” deeming the use of the word as “micro-aggression,” an outrageous order by the British Columbia Supreme Court that a father must treat his 11-year old daughter as a boy, and the ongoing effort to unbound Donald Trump delegates. On today’s worldwide broadcast, we talk with Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse about the crumbling economy and John Cruz, the author of World Banking World Fraud: Using Your Identity. Cruz is the former vice president, senior business relationship manager at HSBC where he discovered evidence of fraudulent activities within the bank.
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1 thought on “Alex Jones – 2016-May-10, Tuesday”

  1. Hey Info War team. I can’t get enough of you guys! Too bad you don’t have a 24 hour show! As much as I hate main stream media, I watch CNN because they have fast up to date news from around the world. Then I tune them out when they get into their Liberal agenda. Just to let you know how stupid they are, they were interviewing the new Muslim mayor of London (of course!) and he was bemoaning the idea of Trump’s possibility of becoming the new President. Their banner read ‘Trump Muslim Ban’ and right underneath it read ‘LONDON MAYOR: Hope Trump does not win election’. He was going through his BS, and funny thing, at the same time the running updated news ticker at the bottom of the broadcast is covering the 2 recent suicide attacks in Iraq that killed 64 and wounded 87. What a bunch of hypocritical idiots! Too bad Liberals cant do 2 things at once, not sure they even knew this was happening. I’m from Canada, but there is a saying, ‘If America sneezes, Canada catches a cold’. Well with our new Liberal Prime Minister, we have the flu!! Keep up the great work!

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