Alex Jones – 2016-Jul-14, Thursday

On this Thursday, July 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we report on the latest national polls showing Donald Trump handily beating Hillary Clinton. We also discuss the upcoming Republican National Convention and why YOU should show up to support liberty. Also, sting journalist James O’Keefe discusses his latest video in which anti-gun politicians refuse to hang up ‘gun-free zone’ signs outside their homes and offices. Tune in!

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  1. Ventura’s ego has accelerated to a point of disgust. Yes, his shows were interesting, his political career not one to brag about.

    Ventura did NOTHING to secure sovereignty for his state. Minnesota is filled with Islamic pus pockets. And within that truth lays the obvious fact – he’s part of the problem NOT the source of guidance on solutions.

    Johnson is skull & bones society & another illuminati plant. Ventura artfully used a kernel of truth (corrupt parties) then wrapped his lie into view.

    I’m done with Ventura!
    If he’s on your show again, that’s one I will purposely turn off.

    Infowars doesn’t need washed up Ventura!

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