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Alex Jones – 2016-Dec-11, Sunday

On this Sunday, December 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Trump dismisses the CIA’s claim it has evidence Russians hacked the election. Could this mean he’s been added to the CIA’s hit list? We’ll look at the president-elect’s latest cabinet picks, including Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state. On today’s show, we’ll continue examining the ongoing attempt to suppress alternative media by labeling it “fake news” and Russian propaganda. We’ll also take your calls during this worldwide transmission.
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4 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2016-Dec-11, Sunday”

  1. I actually listen to a Army veteran of Desert Storm, Bosnia, and the Iraqi conflict, who has his own radio show on Saturday nights. This veteran is a lot more knowledgeable than Alex. and I virtually take his word about the CIA over Alex’s. Sorry

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