Alex Jones – 2017-Feb-22, Wednesday

On this unprecedented Wednesday, Feb. 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we are broadcasting for 13 hours straight to underscore the war against free speech in America as the establishment attempts to curtail independent thought. Scott Greer of the Daily Caller explains how college campuses are turning Orwellian. Jordan Maxwell explains the false reality that we’re living in, and at 8pm we present the Alex Jones AMA on Reddit. We also look into the destruction of the mainstream media as a series of upcoming sting videos reveal how CNN intentionally lies to its audience to control public opinion. MSNBC’s Brzezinski even had the audacity to claim the media’s job is to control “exactly what people think.” Tune in!

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  1. totally amazing. theres some ppl out there talking about our new bullying culture to stifle free & open thought. ive been trying to tell everyone for over a decade and have lost family and friends who call me mentally imbalanced. ithought i was all alone. thank you Alex Jones.

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