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Alex Jones – 2017-Apr-11, Tuesday

Tuesday, April 11: North Korea: We’ll Nuke You! – As U.S. warships head toward the Korean peninsula, the North Korean media warns the United States of a nuclear strike if provoked. Also, Vladimir Putin says the U.S. might bomb the Syrian capital and blame it on Assad. We’ll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission. Tune in!
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3 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2017-Apr-11, Tuesday”

  1. Donald is doing a queens gambit

    I feel like Donald can’t be that stupid and knows that he still needs to wake up the other half of the population. What better way than to make his base literally believe and think that he’s gone neocon by giving blatant red flags of compromise. Destroying the Russia theory and show how his most harshest critics won’t criticize anything to do with war so that the dumb ass asleep people will be like “okay something is up people that hate Trump love him when he goes war hawk ” Literally even Hillary is praising him. While the evidence of us ( supporters against the Military Industrial Complex and globalism) calling him out hardcore and super stars like Paul Watson Jumping off the train, people will be like “wow whats going on” and will reassure that their concerns of some force pushing him to war are valid. They thought we would stick with Trump no matter what and to them we’re just racist dumb asses. So he was under cover posing as a typical sellout president to the likes of Bill Kristol and then now that they are out in the open praising Trump after nothing but negativity the American people will have a target. Now we unite to destroy the deep state as Americans First! No one wants WW3 except the people we need to destroy!

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