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Alex Jones – 2017-Sep-05, Tuesday

Tuesday, September 5th: Irma Strengthens To Cat 5 – Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a category five storm and is headed toward the Caribbean and possibly Florida. The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, joins today’s show to talk about how fisherman and hunters are saving lives in Houston, Texas. Singers Kaya Jones and Joy Villa  also join the broadcast to share their experience helping out Harvey victims. Youtuber Candace Owens, also known as Red Pill Black, destroys the media’s race-baiting rhetoric. Tune in!
[mp3-jplayer width=”100%” height=”80px” dload=”y” captions=”Click Play Button on the right to Listen. Tip: Click/drag the timeline to skip forward/back” tracks=”http://rss.infowars.com/20170905_Tue_Alex.mp3″]

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