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Alex Jones – 2018-Feb-08, Thursday

Thursday, Feb. 8th 2018: Deep State Spies on PRESIDENT Trump! – Shocking revelations reveal that the DOJ ( Department of Justice) and the FBI continued to spy on President Trump after he entered the White House!

The stock market is also tumbling as the Deep State tries to manipulate the economy to make Trump look bad, and Bitcoin insider Roger Ver explains some of the inner workings of the market.
[mp3-jplayer width=”100%” height=”80px” dload=”y” captions=”Click Play Button on the right to Listen. Tip: Click/drag the timeline to skip forward/back” tracks=”http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/nfowars/hZdr/~3/nuTNzWFTFCU/20180208_Thu_Alex.mp3″]

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