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Alex Jones – 2018-May-08, Tuesday

Tuesday, May 8th: S&M Dem Exposed – The New York AG – and a leader of the #MeToo movement – has resigned amid allegations he kept “slaves” he beat into submission as part of his S&M role play. None of the women classified the behavior as consensual, according to media. On today’s show geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl breaks down how Trump will ax the Iranian nuke deal amongst other news. You don’t want to miss this broadcast, so tune in!

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[mp3-jplayer width=”100%” height=”80px” dload=”y” captions=”Click Play Button on the right to Listen. Tip: Click/drag the timeline to skip forward/back” tracks=”http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/nfowars/hZdr/~3/OaNPjwqqR48/20180508_Tue_Alex.mp3″]

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