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Alex Jones – 2018-May-29, Tuesday

Tuesday, May 29th: Worldwide Protests For Tommy – Tommy Robinson’s Orwellian arrest has awakened Western civilization to the path globalists have curated for them. Liberty-loving people around the world are calling for his immediate release! Another tentacle of globalist intent is displayed in Starbuck’s cringe-inducing “racial bias training” video imposed on its employees at the expense of closing its doors for a day. Joining today’s show is UK journalist Caolan Robertson discussing the latest on Tommy Robinson. British politician Godfrey Bloom provides his insight as well. Furthermore, First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza is in-studio explaining censorship and freedom of speech in America. Call and Tune in!
[mp3-jplayer width=”100%” height=”80px” dload=”y” captions=”Click Play Button on the right to Listen. Tip: Click/drag the timeline to skip forward/back” tracks=”http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/nfowars/hZdr/~3/xB0009mc4Ok/20180529_Tue_Alex.mp3″]

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