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Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-14, Tuesday

August 14th: World on Edge – A driver in London crashed into pedestrians and cyclists in an attack authorities are treating as terrorism. Also, multiple Swedish cites were hit with a series of firebombings and arson attacks that many believe was a coordinated onslaught. Stateside, the five alleged Muslim extremists accused of training children to be school shooters were released on bond after one of their attorneys invoked racism and said they would be treated differently if they were “white and Christian.” The judge said the prosecutors failed to prove the alleged jihadists were “a danger to the community.” Joining today’s show is foreign affairs expert Joel Skousen discussing the geopolitical consequences of Big Tech’s censorship. Furthermore, Roger Stone tears into former White House aide Omarosa.
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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-14, Tuesday”

  1. Even in Europe, individuals are thinking with their own head, because we have enough of these fools …
    American Democrats on the upcoming November polls with tougher cyberwarfare
    In the US, the November polls are approaching, and the Democrats are not even two years after the US President Donald Trump deviates from the fairy tales of Russian interference in the US election. But, as experts pointed out, the problem is not the Russians, the problem is people, because cybersecurity is not a matter of technique, but management. With the upcoming interim elections in the US, tight security measures are under way within the democratic camp. Thus, according to Politica, in the toilets in the premises of the Democratic Party (DNC), posters are hanging these days that warn of hacking danger. “Remember: e-mail is NOT a safe method of communication,” writes on one of them, and “if you see anything unusual, say.”
    Read more: Canadian mosques lost their charity status due to speakers who supported suicide attacks, violence against women and gay homosexuals. The posters were supposed to be a visible symptom of increased cybercaftoms within the DNC, two years after Wikileaks’s e-mails disclosed how the party broke up against Bernie Sanders in order to put pressure on Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the forefront. But within the DNC they still insist that the Russians were blamed for the published e-mails, for which no evidence has yet been presented. “As it sounds counter-intuitive, cybercrime is a human problem, it’s a management problem, it’s not a technical problem,” said Eric Rosebach, co-director of the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard. Therefore, the Democrats learned important lessons. Thus, one of the DNC operatives, whose email broke in 2016, said that now in e-mails they are no longer complaining over other people. “Everyone has people they do not understand, so I’m no longer talking about people behind their backs in e-mails.”
    Ivan Šokić Nova24tv

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