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Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-16, Thursday

August 16th: Dangerous News – The establishment media has pushed fake narratives like Alex Jones calling for violence against the media and Infowars being complicit in domestic terrorism all while silencing our ability to speak the truth on these serious allegations. Meanwhile, President Trump’s lawyer’s have drafted a rebuttal in anticipation of a subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team and Trump’s lead lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, says he’s ready to fight all the way to the Supreme Court. Joining today’s show in-studio is NaturalNews.com’s Mike Adams discussing his report to Trump and how tech giants are silencing online speech. Also, Roger Stone responds to the latest attack on himself from the deep state and fake news as well as providing exclusive intel on Trump’s past relationships. 
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2 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-16, Thursday”


    I think the ALTERNATE MEDIA CREATORS SHOULD UNITE. The Opposition is Well Funded and they are ABOVE THE LAW.
    Dear Friends,

    Over the last few weeks, I have experienced some of the very highest and lowest times in both my personal life and in the history of the show.

    The Australia/New Zealand tour was an eye opener in many ways – endless bureaucratic delays to acquire visas, mobs of feral leftist protestors attacking attendees, egregious lies spread about me by the mainstream media – as well as having to travel everywhere with security guards in case I was recognized and attacked.

    Lauren Southern and I did great shows. That was a real high. It was wonderful to meet all our supporters, the speeches themselves were fantastic, and having my daughter sit next to me at book signings was truly wonderful.

    Then we got to New Zealand and, boom, we were publicly de-platformed by the Auckland mayor, and then again, we got de-platformed by our alternative venue – which inflicted significant financial losses.

    While I was away, Tommy Robinson was finally released from his wrongful imprisonment, only for us to find out that he was essentially starved and had lost 40 pounds. Alex Jones faced an unprecedented coordinated attack and has been removed from most social media and other distribution channels. Gavin McInnes has been banned from Twitter, and additional threats persist against other popular media figures.

    Then I got to walk out of my final 5-year cancer checkup with an ‘all clear’ and I’ll tell you straight: I’m very happy to have that part of my life’s journey deep in the rear-view.

    The following day, I wake up and log in to YouTube, and what happens? Well, I have a strike against my channel for “violating community guidelines” related to a video I made discussing the decline in life expectancy among white males in America.

    Within 24 hours, there is yet another strike – this time for my conversation with the courageous British journalist Katie Hopkins.

    First strike, a warning. Second strike, I was banned from uploading to YouTube for two weeks. Not one violation of community standards over the previous 12 years, but now my entire YouTube channel hung by a thread. One more strike and the channel would have been deleted and destroyed.

    I took to Twitter and posted a statement – and thank you to the people who responded in a positive and respectful manner, and who tweeted at Team YouTube to stop what they were doing, and to reverse this injustice. Thankfully, the two strikes were removed from my account – but I’m telling you my friends, this has really, really driven home to me the reality that significant resources are going to be needed in this ongoing fight.

    This was a wake-up call. This was a direct shot across the bow. Is this a reprieve? Is there going to be another mass flagging attack that wipes Freedomain off the map? There are a lot of different ways to protect yourself and fight back in this kind of culture war. I’m going to need multiple backup systems to keep the show going, should something happen. That’s going to cost money. I have to look into my legal options; that’s also going to cost money.

    And I need your help – as always, this is a show without advertising. I don’t want to be beholden to advertisers. I don’t have sponsors. I’m not at the mercy of rich people writing checks who get to tell me what to say. I am responsible to you and to the truth, and I will continue to tell you the truth.

    Here is the essence of the challenge: what they want to do, I think, is to have me start to self-censor, and say, “Well, I almost lost the entire channel. Twelve years of my life vanished. Maybe I better not talk about this. Maybe I better not talk about that. Maybe I should just not invite this person on the show. Maybe I shouldn’t discuss this topic.”

    To this I say: “No! I will do no such thing!”

    I am responsible to the truth and to you, and to my own conscience, and there is no amount of de-platforming threat that will break that bond. I am comfortable and content in my conscience. I cannot be swayed. I will not self-censor. I will not castrate myself out of fear rather than bring the truth to a world desperately in need of reason and evidence.

    I will not self-censor out of fear of loss – and that means I need choices. The future of this show, the future of this conversation, the future of philosophy as it stands hung by a thread controlled by the whim of someone I don’t even know. That is not acceptable to me in the long run, so I need your help.

    So please, please, my friends, please help out the show by making a one-time donation or signing up for a reoccurring payment at freedomainradio.com/donate.

    I am not backing down. I am going forward, and I am dragging a recalcitrant and anti-rational world behind me if need be, but I need your help. For now, this conversation continues. With your help, it will continue.


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