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Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-21, Tuesday

August 21st: SpyBook – Social media giant Facebook now has “trust ratings” that determine how good or bad a user’s reputation is. The rating is kept hidden and is determined by what the user deems as fake news! The system is not unlike the “social credit score” used by Communist China to identify who is and isn’t trustworthy. Also, to thwart fake news, Alex Jones is offering one million dollars to anyone who can prove he encouraged violence against the media. The lie has been circulating for a full week with no retraction. Don’t miss a minute. Call and tune in now!
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4 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-21, Tuesday”

  1. I wonder if the media were completely crazy in America? It does not really lead anywhere! It is a war between the left and right options of the media space, that is, it is a bipolar disorder, which means that there is a need for medical help. It is really in the interest of some that the nation is “split” into two poles and that America’s greatest enemy is America itself. They say that if you crowd a nation, you are more likely to rule … Perhaps this is what we know in Europe too? And something else if America coughs, then Europe has serious health problems.

  2. I also blocked Facebook for 1 day because of 1 picture with a cartoon on how pedophiles should be penalized. In the picture, pedophiles on the ground without trousers and rats walk around the hinges of their genitals and apparently they are fake. they say that the image is spam etc … if it disturbs them, why do not they smash the picture? One has been removed before, but now this … Crazy …

  3. Poland, like Hungary, rebelled against the notorious billionaire Georg Soros, the great lover of illegal migration, and without explanation deported the main Soros organizer Lyudmylo Kozlovsko from the Schengen area (EU).
    Soros’s Open Dialog Foundation described Poland’s action as an act of a political nature in order to halt the implementation of the activities of the organization at home and abroad.
    Ukrainka Kozlovska, President of the Open Dialog Foundation, was deported from the territory of the EU to the capital of domestic Ukraine due to the abuse of the Schengen Information System. According to the border police, they were deported after confirmation by the Polish Ministry of the Interior. This measure prevents Kozlovski from entering the Schengen area.
    The Foundation states that it is a politically mounted act
    Kozlovska said that her entry to the Schengen area was avoided without any explanation, so the Foundation was convinced that it was a politically mounted act. She was also under scrutiny due to the activities of her husband Bartosz Kramec, who has repeatedly promoted civil disobedience in Poland in the past. The Foundation, however, was hopefully expecting this kind of action, since several times in the public appeared polemics around Kozlovskaya and its right to stay in the country, stressing that this poses a threat to national security and public order, and on this basis deportation from Poland is possible on the basis of the Aliens Act.
    H. M.

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