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Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-23, Thursday

August 23rd: Impeachment Conditioning – Analysts discovered that the establishment media said the word “impeachment” 222 times in one day alone to bolster the fringe left’s platform before the coming midterm elections. Correspondingly, President Trump said the market would crash if he’s ever impeached while adding the economy “is the best it’s ever been in history.” Across the world, a South African leader who advocates land theft slammed Trump after the president brought attention to the farm seizures and expropriations. Joining today’s show is journalist Jack Posobiec discussing the illegal spying on Trump. Also, Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne explains what coming perils Americans will endure against the deep state. Call and tune in now!

3 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-23, Thursday”

  1. those “222 sayers of impeachment” must be court-martialed, questioned & prosecuted “on their prosecution claims”. MOST important is South Africa viles with an ongoing treck to “kill ALL whites” – WHO gives that gov’t & vile peeps the right to do that????? America needs send “all white people from S Africa to USA” and “return” all black S African people to S Africa — and YOU know what will happen! South Africa will FAIL … and I will promote USA to DONATE NOTHING TO S. AFRICA, a killing nation!

  2. yeah,,, i agree with Je somewhat… get the whites out of South Africa until peace is restored… i know a person that i met on imvu who lives near capetown and she said the white farmers are being slaughtered… like it’s really bad.. and something needs to be done… immediately.

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