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Alex Jones – 2018-Sep-07, Friday

September 7th: MAGA Jobs Boom – President Trump’s America-first agenda blew analyst’s expectations away after delivering over 200,000 jobs last month as well as facilitating a wage increase and a generational low unemployment rate. Also, the NFL’s season opener suffered a multi-year low rating shortly after apparel titan Nike endorsed a non-athlete that even had Trump ask “what was Nike thinking?” Far south, Brazil’s presidential front-runner, who locals call their “Trump,” delivered an optimistic hospital message after surviving a stab wound from an alleged socialist. Joining today’s show is Senate challenger Shiva Ayyadurai to discuss his fight against leftists disrupting his campaign. Furthermore, Dr. Steve Pieczenik shares his powerful insight into the Deep State, Trump’s foreign policy, and Big Tech’s censorship endgame.

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  1. Obama Memorized his Lies. President Donald John Trump Talks with America. President Donald John Trump does not Lecture Americans.

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