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Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-15, Thursday (New Link)

Due to a temporary problem with this episode, please use the link below

Thursday, November 15th: Trump’s Media Ultimatum – Trump’s lawyers have made it clear that the president can ban “all reporters” from the White House. The looming ultimatum came on the heels of CNN’s lawsuit to restore Jim Acosta’s White House credentials. Also, UK’s PM is betraying the Brexit movement by ignoring the people’s choice from the 2016 referendum. Correspondingly, Nigel Farage has slammed the prime minister as “duplicitous” and called the new arrangement the “worst deal in history.” Joining today’s show is bestselling author Vox Day explaining what conservatives should do next for alternative media against Big Tech censorship. 

Due to a temporary problem with the usual link and player, please use this link to download  Alex Jones Show Podcast Thursday, November 15th 2018  (click Free Download when on the page)

2 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-15, Thursday (New Link)”

  1. Fernanda Febres-Cordero

    Alex: You are really being banned. I am so sorry for what this is to FREE SPEECH and we as free humans.. Yesterday, I realized we are really on our way to be puppets..! they banned you no matter what. Turn the volume down on different channels, etc., etc.

  2. Someone is messing around with the podcasts. Severely slow downloads, partial files, or completely deleted episodes. It’s no coincidence, they mean to completely silence Alex Jones. If they don’t succeed with their concerted effort to de-platform and deleligitmize they will end him in a mysterious car accident or a “massive heart attack.” Remember Breitbart?

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