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Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-23, Friday

Friday, November 23rd: Season’s Beatings – The Black Friday shopping craze began with a bang and continues on with frenzied buyers, shoplifters, and fist fighters. Multiple participants of the ritual have already reported they will never attend the chaotic event again. Today’s holiday rebroadcast includes highlights with Dr. Steve Pieczenik sharing his powerful insight into today’s most vital issues. Also, bestselling author Vox Day provides perspective you won’t find elsewhere on major social influencers. Furthermore, Roger Stone lays waste to the Russian collusion circus. Happy Thanksgiving week from Infowars!

1 thought on “Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-23, Friday”

  1. How in HELL can Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. get away with CENSORING Alex Jones Show? Our country must be in control by COMMUNISTS (China?)

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