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Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-25, Sunday

EU Approves Brexit Sellout – The European Union has endorsed UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit proposal, effectively keeping the UK bound to EU rules but without voting rights. Over 100 Tories alone have said they will reject the deal, with Brexit architect Nigel Farage calling it the “worst deal in history.” Meanwhile, tensions on the border are rising as reports of migrant violence against border authorities have surfaced. On today’s show, we’ll discuss the UK’s future should they acquiesce to EU tyranny, and President Trump’s plan to counter the Deep State by declassifying intelligence documents


1 thought on “Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-25, Sunday”

  1. Look Alex the Globalist are winning and the country is doomed and corrupt as hell. Unless there is a call to arms of enough militia to over throw corrupt judges and get control over the the arm forces with all our troops sent back from oversees so they can shoot to kill at the border than this will keep happening. It is a slow death of the United States. Trump has no real command over the armed forces. If he did he would have done the above mentioned. It is hopeless and we are not winning like you keep saying. We the people are loosing and we will unfortunately devolve in to another Venezuela.

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