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Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-26, Monday

Monday, November 26th: Trump Threatens to Close Permanently – President Trump warned Mexico that he will “permanently” close the border if the migrant caravan is not deported. The ultimatum came after a skirmish between U.S. border agents and migrants. Meanwhile, the left is still pushing the narrative that the caravan either doesn’t exist or poses no threat. Across the Atlantic, Ukraine eyes authorizing martial law to “strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities” after Russia seized three ships. Joining today’s show is southern border expert Brandon Darby sharing cutting-edge intel on the chaos seen with the migrant caravan on the border. Start your week informed.

1 thought on “Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-26, Monday”

  1. Alex, the Globalist are winning and the country is doomed and corrupt as hell. Unless there is a call to arms of enough militia to over throw corrupt judges and get control over the the arm forces with all our troops sent back from oversees so they can shoot to kill at the border than the invasion will keep happening. It is a slow death of the United States. Trump has no real command over the armed forces. If he did he would have done the above mentioned. It is hopeless. Due to a lying mainstream media, an uninformed populous, corrupt politicians and judges the United States will die a slow death and go the way of Venezuela. There is just too much evil in the world and stupidity for it not to happen eventually. Unfortunately.

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