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Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-21, Monday

Monday, January 21st: Dems Blitz for White House – The Democrats’ race for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination has officially begun. Major players have formally announced their run for office while the mainstream media has already voiced top Dems they would like to see compete. Also, Fake News turned ugly over the weekend after the media launched a smear campaign against Catholic high school students over a false narrative claiming they were harassing a Native American. Joining today’s show is forensic researcher and podcast host Jan Irvin revealing social engineering and intelligence programs that have been waged against the American public since our country’s inception. Irvin is exposing the entirety of the 1960s counterculture as the CIA’s true MK ULTRA program. Also, Roger Stone exposes how the Deep State is using Jerome Corsi and Michael Cohen.

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