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Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-30, Wednesday

Wednesday, January 30th: Midwest Cold Snap – The coldest weather in years has struck the midwestern US and millions are at risk for hypothermia and frostbite for only being minutes outdoors. The freak freeze is so intense that the tracks in Chicago have been set on fire to keep the trains moving smoothly. Also, Virginia’s House Dems are proposing legislation that would allow abortions to be performed while the mother is actually having the baby. Today’s in-studio guest is American Attorney Robert Barnes discussing his fight helping the Covington teens against the establishment media. Also, syndicated radio host Mancow reveals the endgame of political correctness. Furthermore, founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes shares his fight in defending the Constitution. 

4 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-30, Wednesday”

  1. Haven’t listened but Alex is typically right on the mark about whatever he’s talking about. Glad he podcasts in spite of the people against him.

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