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AlexJonesPodcast.com banned from Facebook today.

As the noose of censorship tightens, it has even effected AlexJonesPodcast.com, Our Facebook page with several thousand followers had been deleted, along with todays well known purge of anything related to the words Infowars or Alex Jones.

I would rather not ask, but any donations would be gratefully appreciated at this time, as It is not sure how long this site can go on for anymore….

9 thoughts on “AlexJonesPodcast.com banned from Facebook today.”

  1. True observation witnessing? or hate? This is want the actant need to face. Just speak the truth and without blind truth? The actants are Facebook staff and directors and media people; and Infowars organisers

  2. truth is not greater, truth is what is, truth is everything in the natural order of life. Falsehood is a perversion of the natural order of life. There is truth of the falsehood but not in the falsehood. Do you understand?

  3. the existing powers the were killed the man Jesus not because he was a murderer or thief or rapist or wicked ruler, they killed him to silence him because he told of the truth. that is the only thing liars can do is try to silence because the truth will always come out on top.

  4. Facebook should NOT have the ability to ban those who have opinions that do not agree with their agenda, in other words CENSORSHIP!!!

  5. There is Truth of created things; this is the conditional nature of creation. Ephemeral. Good. From the Creator, Spirit is Knowing as “I am not of this world”. “All This was created by him.” That Truth is the Light that created all things. So step back from the ephemeral a little while and know truth is beyond the show. In children we can experience their unconditioned stances? Good dialectics may help you with this unconditioned identification. Best Wishes.

  6. opinions need to be tested, by reason. Reason is that which separates Truth from untruth.

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