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Alex Jones – 2019-May-06, Monday

Monday, May 6th: US, Iran Tensions Flare – America is sending an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Middle East in response to “clear indications” that Iran and its proxies were planning an attack on US forces. National Security Advisor John Bolton said the deployments were to send an “unmistakable” message that America is “fully prepared to respond to any attack.” Joining today’s show is Paul Joseph Watson sharing the latest on Big Tech’s unprecedented censorship. Then, our reporters Kaitlin Bennett and Millie Weaver discuss Trump tweeting support Infowars and what everyday Americans can do to rally for freedom of speech. Furthermore, “deplorable” Benjamin Hill is providing exclusive details from his latest stunt where he told Hillary Clinton she was going to jail during a crowded speaking gig. Also, Unite America First’s Will Johnson is delivering his powerful insight on today’s hottest events. 

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  1. My observation has been censored. May I ask what is wrong about advising to speak the truth? The opinions need to be tested by reason. That is the action to separate the truth from the untruth.

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