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Censorship Is A Prelude To A Global Depopulation Event (Video)

The next level censorship that has become the norm in 2019 is actually the first phase in a plan to control what information is allowed to be given to the population after a global catastrophe. Mike Adams breaks down why fighting for freedom of speech can actually save humanity.

1 thought on “Censorship Is A Prelude To A Global Depopulation Event (Video)”

  1. 0pinions are rampant but they need to be tested by Reason.
    Reason is that which separates truth from untruth.
    Feelings are subject to likes and dislikes which is never ending. But when it comes to discuss the adequacy of feelings reason comes to check these.
    Projecting false imaginings also needs to be checked by reason.
    Service and Goodness is the right attitude. The finest action we may serve is listening to your neighbour. Considering the wellbeing of the community is part of that fine listening.

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