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Alex Jones – 2019-May-24, Friday

On this Friday transmission, Owen Shroyer provides a take on the news that you won’t find on anywhere else in media. Owen will be joined by Infowars Europe writer Dan Lyman to discuss the UK elections, and award-winning serial entrepreneur Stefan Aarnio joins the broadcast as well. Don’t forget to share this link to join the fight for free speech as the tech establishment tries to remove all dissenting voices from the public sphere.

1 thought on “Alex Jones – 2019-May-24, Friday”

  1. It is a good thing, when evil hate you and is a good thing, when you rejected evil. Keep doing what is right in the site of God, which is a blessings. And only with our eyes shall we look and see the rewards of the wicked. God bless you Alex Jones and keep loving God and your neighibor. We are to do a good work, which will lead us to love God and love others, just as you love yourself. And we do no evil to others, because we don’t want evil to happen to us. God is love and we’re for love and hate evil. Because love lead to life.

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