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Alex Jones – 2019-Nov-05, Tuesday

Plus Project Veritas to give exclusive details of ABC News aiding and abetting Deep State/Epstein child trafficking ring. Mexico is a warzone just as bad as Syria, so why can’t we secure our own borders to keep the violence from spilling into the US?

2 thoughts on “Alex Jones – 2019-Nov-05, Tuesday”

  1. Very much aware of the NWO. This was planned so many years ago. I am not a very good organizer but I think its time we use our Constitutional Right and form a militia to remove these evil lying people such as Schumer, Pelosi, Clintons, Obamas, Biden, Brennan, Warren, GEORGE SOROS, Podestas and many more. We must physically form a militia and remove these people, Our right under the Constitution to do this now! If you agree may Alex Jones and all the good guys help us get together and remove them all. We will not let the left take over please agree or disagree and sign your name. We must act now.

  2. When did we fall asleep america? We need to wake up and destroy he left! Take no crap! Stand by our President and keep our country great!

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