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Alex Jones – 2020-Apr-06, Monday

  • There’s too many mutations of corona for a vaccine to even work effectively! How is a corona vaccine supposed to work when there’s numerous strains and mutations of the virus? It’s the ineffective flu shot 2.0, but this time it’s ushering in world government in which you’re being told to wear ‘immunity bracelets’ to do business and travel.
  • Alex Jones sets up a damning compilation of U.N. scientists admitting vaccines cause damage, and they have no plan to stop.
  • Alex Jones breaks down the events we currently see unfolding in the wake of the ‘rona pandemic and how INFOWARS has been warning the public for years.
  •  Owen Shroyer breaks down the clip of the head of the St. Louis Federal Reserve revealing the plan to clamp down on the population through economic oppression. ✓ G. Edward Griffin joins guest host Owen Shroyer to expose the criminal cartel operating as a federal banking institution, and how the Federal Reserve is being used to seize control of the economy.
  •  Owen Shroyer exposes Fauci admitting he expected a pandemic during Trump’s administration yet he did nothing to prepare the country.
  • Gerald Celente guest hosts the end of today’s Alex Jones Show to expose the true nature of the politicians people expect to represent them in the government.

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