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Alex Jones – 2020-Apr-08, Wednesday

  • Models show coronavirus peaked in the US eight days ago as MSM battles to suppress information. Alex Jones uncovers how 5G radiation can potentially weaken immunity systems, making people more susceptible to viruses and other diseases.
  • Alex Jones breaks down the world waking up to the cheap methods to fighting coronavirus like zinc to prepare your body for treatment.
  • Alex Jones breaks down the ABC news report featuring a doctor claiming his zinc and hydrochloroquine treatment beat coronavirus.
  • Cyrus Parsa joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the ways A.I. will take over and exterminate humanity.
  • Brian Rose, founder of London Real, joins The Alex Jones Show to respond to the banning of his interview with David Icke.
  • Alex Jones shows the censored interview of David Icke connecting 5G technology to the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Peter Schiff joins guest host Mike Adams on The Alex Jones Show to break down how bailouts and flooding the economy with fiat currency will fail.

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