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Alex Jones – 2020-Apr-14, Tuesday

  • TRAITORS AMONG US: Democrat and mainstream media connections the the Chinese Communists exposed!
  • Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are butchering and rendering parts of America for their consumption.
  • Owen Shroyer breaks down how Adam Schiff intended to hold U.S. Intel meetings on Zoom, after news had already broke on the major security issues with the platform and ties to China.
  • Alex Jones breaks down how the United States is now operating under a soft state of martial law in the wake of forced shutdowns due to the fear of spreading C0VID-19.
  • Owen Shroyer announces the ‘You Can’t Close America’ rally on the steps of the Texas State Capitol in Austin this Saturday April 18th, 2020, at 12-2pm CST.
  • Alex Jones breaks down the efforts of leftists to oppose Trump at every turn to steer America into the rocks of tyranny.
  • Paul Joseph Watson breaks down the neglect of the WHO and other medical organizations supporting the re-opening of the diseased Chinese wet markets and ignoring of migrant cultures not adhering to quarantine efforts.
  • Paul Watson exposes the truth behind why U.K. hospitals are 4 times emptier than normal in the wake of a pandemic that was expected to have them overrun.
  • A police force in the UK threatened to start searching people’s shopping baskets in order to catch C0VID-19 lockdown violators, but later had to backtrack following a public backlash.

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