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Alex Jones – 2020-Apr-17, Friday

  • It’s now official: Communist China is directing Big Tech censorship of the American people, Congress & the Pentagon – God help us. Twitter is banning Americans like Owen Shroyer and others for promoting their First Amendment rights of peaceful assembly. Is Trump going to do something about this, or will he allow Chinese censorship to take over social media, whose platforms were key to his 2016 victory?
  • Alex Jones breaks down the shocking blueprint for global collapse with Bill Gates at the head.
  • Alex Jones exposes how the Big Tech censor banning information on C0VID-19 worked at the Wuhan bioweapons lab that released the virus then sold the C0VID-19 tests to the world.
  • Alex Jones explodes with rage as a network news report teaches kids to spy on their parents for questioning the official narrative of the C0VID-19 pandemic.
  • Alex Jones interviews Owen Shroyer after he made headlines for being banned off Twitter in in a flurry of outrage for promoting his right to assemble in public.
  • Dr. Nick Begich guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose a path to success for America after the C0VID-19 pandemic exposed the flaws of our dependency on volatile sources.

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