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Alex Jones – 2020-Apr-20, Monday

  • ABC News says that the lockdown protesters are terrorists! Meanwhile, President Trump openly announces that China & the WHO are behind the C0VID-19.
  • The government lockdowns are a takeover of society by design. The globalists are letting no crisis go to waste that gives more power to the government at the expense of individual liberties.
  • David Icke joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the crossroads humanity has reached, and which path leads to assured destruction.
  • Alex Jones breaks down what you can do to fight back against the technocrats attempt to takeover human free will.
  • Host of ‘The View’ Joy Behar called protesters ‘terrorists’ from the comfort of her own home during her show.
  • Alex Jones exposes the pandemic hoax being used to push forced vaccines with digital implants to track the public with the ‘mark of the beast.’
  • Gerald Celente guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the politicians recklessly destroying the economy and why oil has dropped so low in price.

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