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Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-17, Wednesday

AG William Barr is set to release a redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion report. Swamp creatures in Washington are already planning to issue subpoenas “very quickly” for the full report if it’s released with blacked-out sections. Today’s in-studio guest is “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” author Dr. Nick Begich revealing globalists’ advances to control … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-17, Wednesday

Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-16, Tuesday

Tuesday, April 16th: Inferno Aftermath – French authorities are launching a criminal probe into the Notre Dame fire with the specific focus on the employees of a restoration company. Experts predict rebuilding the gothic landmark will take decades. Also, a French priest is being described as a hero for saving Christian relics from the blazing … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-16, Tuesday

Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-10, Monday


Monday, December 10th: Brexit Humiliation – UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May abruptly delayed a Brexit vote to reportedly fly across Europe to beg for a new deal. Joining today’s show is Newswars.com’s European correspondent Dan Lyman delivering exclusive reports on France’s populist riots. Also, John Greenewald exposes cutting-edge government intel and Joey Gibson of Freedom … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-10, Monday