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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-13, Monday

August 13th: Globalist Censorship Imminent – Apple CEO Tim Cook is under fire for spearheading Big Tech’s ban on Infowars and Alex Jones called the CEO a hypocrite for bringing Communist Chinese-style Internet censorship to America all while exploiting Chinese workers to intolerable conditions. Furthermore, another video-sharing website, Vimeo, has decided to delete Infowars content.

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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-May-30, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 30th: Political Hollywood – Roseanne’s firing has put Hollywood’s double standard on center stage as Americans call out the circumstances of her termination. Even Trump called out the CEO of ABC regarding all the “horrible” comments made about him on the network. Interestingly, another celebrity makes political news as Kim Kardashian is scheduled

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