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Alex Jones – 2016-Nov-08, Tuesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

On this special Tuesday, Nov. 8th 2016 Election Day transmission of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our historic 52-hour marathon broadcast. All day we’ll bring you up-to-the- minute election developments, feature guests and exclusive special reports. Republican operative and Trump insider Roger Stone joins us in studio for the latest Trump news. We also … Read more

Alex Jones – 2016-Jan-28, Thursday

On this Thursday, January 28 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, more videos emerge of “migrants” wreaking havoc in France, as “refugees” besiege a family on their own private property. On today’s show, economic expert Harry Dent breaks down the floundering global market and what it portends for the US dollar. We’ll also cover updates … Read more

Alex Jones – 2015-Nov-05, Thursday

On this Thursday, November 5 edition of the Alex Jones Show, a political attack ad has Latino kids curse at presidential contender Donald Trump, as illegal immigrants pose nearly uncontested invasions of the US and Europe. A source also suggests Obama’s reason for remaining tight-lipped on the downing of Russian flight 9268 is due to … Read more