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Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-20, Wednesday


Wednesday, February 20th: Big Blood Brother – The FBI is reportedly plotting to store DNA records of the entire population in a liberty-infringing move aided by private blood testing companies. Experts believe this data can be used to charge innocent people simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Today’s in-studio guest is founder … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-20, Wednesday

Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-15, Monday

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October 15th: Midterm Purge – Real election meddling is being done in the open as social media sites purge alternative media weeks before the midterms. Correspondingly, hundreds of Facebook pages have been removed simply for being anti-establishment. Also, in a move that hints at a presidential bid, Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) provided her DNA test results … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-15, Monday

Alex Jones – 2015-Apr-08, Wednesday

On this Wednesday, April 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we discuss how anti-gun politicians want to use the IRS to promote gun control, how smart meters are being used to usher in a Orwellian society, how the mainstream media is attacking presidential candidate Rand Paul and how a city government is forcing a … Read more Alex Jones – 2015-Apr-08, Wednesday