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Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-06, Thursday


Thursday, December 6th: Wall Street Plunge: Investors are on edge after the DOW fell over 1,400 points in just two days. Also, the arrest of a Chinese CFO has allegedly complicated U.S.-China trade relations. Furthermore, Dutch police arrested a local “yellow vests” leader ahead of the weekend’s populist protests against political correctness and open border policies. Joining … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-06, Thursday

Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-01, Monday

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President Trump secured a new trade deal involving Canada and Mexico, The NAFTA replacement, called the “US-Mexico-Canada agreement,” has caused stocks to surge with a DOW boost of over 250 points. The Supreme Court opened its new term with only eight justices as Brett Kavanaugh, has yet to be confirmed due to sexual assault allegations. Joining the … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-01, Monday