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Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-27, Wednesday


Wednesday, March 27th: Fake News in Real Trouble – Mainstream media’s ratings tanked after the Mueller report exposed their biased reporting. With nothing to show for their corrupt coverage, major news outlets plan to ramp up 2020 election coverage with the same goal of taking President Trump out of office. Today’s in-studio guest is health and tech expert Mike … Read more

Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-05, Tuesday


Tuesday, March 5th: Clinton Out – Hillary Clinton has officially ruled out her 2020 bid for president while also saying she’s “not going anywhere” and will take an active role supporting the Democrats next election. Across the Atlantic, the UK is starting a controversial “porn block” that requires users to pay for a unique ID … Read more

Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-28, Wednesday


Wednesday, November 28th: Vicious Lies – President Trump slammed special counsel Robert Mueller after major players made it known that Mueller’s “gang of Dems” are “ viciously” telling witnesses to lie to get relief. Also, lawmakers are gridlocked over wall funding as the deadline nears and the crisis on the border escalates. Furthermore, members of the caravan … Read more