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Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-10, Wednesday

New Caravan Marches to US – Another migrant caravan has formed in Honduras and has begun to march to the US. A member was reported saying “we are done with this government, there is no work.” Meanwhile at America’s southern border, militia groups are arriving to assist authorities until the “wall is up.” Joining today’s show is … Read more

Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-31, Sunday


Sunday, March 31st: Trump Cuts Off Northern Triangle – President Trump announced the US would halt all foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in response to massive caravans making their way to America’s southern border. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden is facing #MeToo heat over his long and documented history of inappropriately touching women … Read more

Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-16, Tuesday

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Tuesday October 16, 2018 Trump told the President of Honduras that he will “immediately” withdraw funding and aid from Honduras if the large caravan of migrants heading to the US is not stopped. The people in the “March of the Migrant” caravan plan to seek refugee status and pass into America; it has doubled its size … Read more