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Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-10, Sunday

Sunday, March 10h: Venezuela Chaos – Opposition leader Juan Guaido is blaming socialist President Nicolas Maduro for the blackout that’s plunging collapsing Venezuela further into chaos. Guaido is calling on all citizens to travel to the capital and Maduro is calling the rallies a coup attempt while saying American sabotage is to blame for the blackout. Across […]

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Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-19, Wednesday

Wednesday, December 19th: Victory Over ISIS – President Trump has declared victory over ISIS as the military preps for a full withdrawal from Syria. Also, the Fed is expected to further raise interest rates despite Trump’s warnings not to do so. Joining today’s show is Vatican insider Leo Zagami breaking down globalist intrigue and other geopolitical happenings.  [amazon template=multinational&asin=1888729627]

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