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Alex Jones – 2015-Jul-24, Friday

On the Friday, July 24 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, cries for gun control sound out in the wake of a Lafa&asin=0062359894]yette theater shooting that left 12 people injured and three dead. We’ll also look at Planned Parenthood’s move to get out ahead of damning undercover videos which may or may not show them … Read more

Alex Jones – 2015-Jul-21, Tuesday

On the Tuesday, July 21 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, a new video from the Center for Medical Progress shows yet another Planned Parenthood doctor soliciting offers for baby body parts. Also, the Des Moines Register editorial board encourages Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race amid record polling, and the latest … Read more

Alex Jones – 2015-Jul-16, Thursday

On the Thursday, July 16 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, political correctness continues to run amok with Obama supporters now advocating to tear down the “racistâ€� Mount Rushmore sculptures. We’ll also look at media coverage of the Jade Helm 15 military exercises and dig further into the latest Planned Parenthood scandal. On today’s show, … Read more