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Alex Jones – 2019-Aug-20, Tuesday

Alex Jones exposes the agenda to poison your children with brain damaging chemicals sold to the public in the form of fluoridated water. Gavin McInnes joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the connections between the highest levels of leftist establishment down to the useful idiot cowards wearing black masks and attacking old men … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Aug-20, Tuesday

Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-09, Wednesday


Wednesday, January 9th: Trump’s Wall Blitz – Globalist fact checkers had to ignore the data President Trump provided in his argument for the US-Mexico border wall by attacking the speech as “stoking fear.” Also, across the Atlantic, the BBC was slammed for promoting a “debate” on whether honor killings are good or bad. The backlash … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-09, Wednesday

Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-10, Monday


Monday, December 10th: Brexit Humiliation – UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May abruptly delayed a Brexit vote to reportedly fly across Europe to beg for a new deal. Joining today’s show is Newswars.com’s European correspondent Dan Lyman delivering exclusive reports on France’s populist riots. Also, John Greenewald exposes cutting-edge government intel and Joey Gibson of Freedom … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-10, Monday