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Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-30, Tuesday

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has called for a military uprising to oust President Nicolas Maduro. Heavygunfire is being exchanged in the region as Maduro claims he has “total loyalty” of his military leaders while Guaido is calling the maneuver the ‘final phase of Operation Liberty.’ Meanwhile in America, Dems are continuing to issue more … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-30, Tuesday

Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-10, Sunday


Sunday, March 10h: Venezuela Chaos – Opposition leader Juan Guaido is blaming socialist President Nicolas Maduro for the blackout that’s plunging collapsing Venezuela further into chaos. Guaido is calling on all citizens to travel to the capital and Maduro is calling the rallies a coup attempt while saying American sabotage is to blame for the blackout. Across … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-10, Sunday

Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-22, Friday


Sunday, February 24th: Venezuela Clashes Continue – Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro has destroyed several humanitarian aid trucks from Colombia, claiming the U.S. is trying to orchestrate a coup despite the fact interim president Juan Guaido has already been elected. Meanwhile, North Korea criticized the obstructionist Democrats ahead of Trump’s second summit with Kim Jong-un, accusing them … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-22, Friday