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Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-21, Thursday


Thursday, March 21st: Emergency Marathon – Big Tech and the fake news media are pulling out all the stops to censor Infowars like never before. Fight back by watching and sharing our 50-hour Save the First Amendment – Stop Big Tech Censorship emergency broadcast containing exclusive reports, special guests and devastating intel the Deep State is determined to block! … Read more

Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-20, Wednesday


TODAY ON THE ALEX JONES SHOW March 20, 2019 Wednesday, March 20th: Mueller Meltdown – With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe findings expected to be made public any day now, all factions are bracing for what Infowars predicted all along: there’s no conspiracy between Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. The reveal of the most … Read more

Alex Jones – 2018-Sep-20, Thursday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

September 20th: MAGA Breaks Records – Jobless claims filed by Americans has reached a record low and the stocks saw a boom with the S&P hitting an all-time high, prompting President Trump to tweet “Congratulations USA!” Also, a Friday deadline has been set for the accuser of Trump’s SCOTUS pick to respond on whether she … Read more