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Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-16, Tuesday

Tuesday, April 16th: Inferno Aftermath – French authorities are launching a criminal probe into the Notre Dame fire with the specific focus on the employees of a restoration company. Experts predict rebuilding the gothic landmark will take decades. Also, a French priest is being described as a hero for saving Christian relics from the blazing … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Apr-16, Tuesday

Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-13, Wednesday


Wednesday, February 13th: Texas Gets a Wall – President Trump has launched funding for a wall stretching six miles at an “important location” in Texas. Officials confirm the barrier contains concrete and steel and is “immensely successful” in stopping illegal crossings. Also, entire areas in France are reportedly completely outside the control of police and are being … Read more Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-13, Wednesday

Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-19, Wednesday


Wednesday, December 19th: Victory Over ISIS – President Trump has declared victory over ISIS as the military preps for a full withdrawal from Syria. Also, the Fed is expected to further raise interest rates despite Trump’s warnings not to do so. Joining today’s show is Vatican insider Leo Zagami breaking down globalist intrigue and other geopolitical happenings.  [amazon template=multinational&asin=1888729627] … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Dec-19, Wednesday