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Marc Morano

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2017-Aug-08, Tuesday

Tuesday, August 8th: Deep State Teams Up With Fake News – MSM employees have been caught soliciting government employees to become leakers. ClimateDepot.com researcher Marc Morano and journalist Drew Johnson join today’s show to expose Al Gore’s latest documentary. Also, the deep state continues to push for a Trump coup, but patriots in the government are fighting back against the globalists. We’ll take

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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2017-May-10, Wednesday

Wednesday, May 10: Swamp Drain Intensifies, FBI Head Chopped  – The political world is shaken to its core following the Trump administration’s swift termination of Federal Bureau of Investigations head James Comey, who the president said had compromised the agency’s integrity. We’ll break down the reactions from both sides of the political spectrum and examine what

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