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Alex Jones – 2019-Mar-01, Friday


Friday, March 1st: Dems Dig Deep – Another Democrat that most Americans have never heard of has officially launched his campaign to fight for a chance against President Trump in 2020. However, a more popular potential candidate, Joe Biden, may not even be competitive according to top strategists who believe he is too old and the party … Read more

Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-26, Tuesday


Tuesday, February 26th: Rat Returns – Reports are pouring in that President Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen is set to testify on Trump’s alleged criminal conduct since entering office. Also, nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan are facing off in the greatest military escalation the two nations have seen in decades. Today’s in-studio guest is American Attorney Robert Barnes discussing … Read more

Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-21, Monday


Monday, January 21st: Dems Blitz for White House – The Democrats’ race for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination has officially begun. Major players have formally announced their run for office while the mainstream media has already voiced top Dems they would like to see compete. Also, Fake News turned ugly over the weekend after the media launched … Read more